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Customer Care

Thank you for choosing Sonoma County Style.  We are sure you will enjoy our products.  We are adding new an unique items that promote Sonoma County and Wine Country living.  We pride ourselves on being unique, maybe a little odd at times, but that's what makes our products fun and get you noticed.  If you have questions about items, please feel free to contact our President at  

We want to ensure you our products are designed, printed and distributed only from US companies.  


Privacy & Safety

We strive to protect your privacy, personal information and to protect your financial information.  We will in not offer your information to third-parties.  If you like us, then you will be back, we won't pester you with emails unless you opt in purposely.   We want your time shopping with us to be fun and easy.  


Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments

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