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  • Are your products safe to wear?
    Yes, our products are safe. Our printing service provider uses water based printing. This means the shirt is wetted down, then the ink is applied. This allows the ink to set into the fabric and makes the design last longer than designs applied to the top of the shirt. Our manufacterer is US based and we use US products whenever possible.
  • Are your products only Sonoma County based?
    We are Sonoma County Style. We promote Sonoma County, its Cities and Lifestyle since we think its the best place on the Planet Earth to live and raise your families. Sonoma County is the best kept secret around, but we are hoping to let everyone else in on the secret too. Our communities, businesses and landscapes have been devastated by the fires and floods and we want to show everyone we are Sonoma County Strong.
  • I noticed you sell other products for radio stations, do you make other designs?"
    Yes! We are adding new products all the time. Our goal to promote Sonoma County. From time to time we will add products under our "Specials" button. The products offered will be for a short time-period and promote things like local clubs, events and even first responders gear as a way to support Sonoma County businesses and activities. If you want to have us look into your ideas and have them printed by us, by all means contact our President Brent at
  • I like your products but I was looking for a specific type of shirt and wanted to know if you could make those?
    Sonoma County Style is always open to suggestions. Although we can't make everything for everyone, we do have a lot of choices. If you are wanting a shirt, hat, etc. and can't find it offered, let us know. Chances are we can make it. At Sonoma County Style, we want you to feel free to give us your ideas and thoughts. Who knows, your design maybe what others are looking for too. Contact our President Brent at
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