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Sonoma County Style was developed by two brothers , Brent & Todd Farris, who each brought Sonoma County Style to life. Brent, who is in the Radio business and Todd, a Retired Police Officer, have both traveled the world only to discover that Sonoma County is "The Greatest Place on the Planet Earth".  Both brothers are well known in the community as two guys who love to have fun and adventure in their lives.  We feel the products they produce express this fun playful attitude towards life.
Sonoma County Style (SCS) was developed to promote the uniqueness of Sonoma County, California and all that it has to offer. The clothing, products and designs are created to reflect the Joy and Positive Attitude that reflects the life of Northern California Wine Country and its communities.
If you are already living in Sonoma County, we invite you to take a look around our website and wear your spirit proudly. 
If you have never been to Sonoma County, we encourage you to come visit our Northern California paradise.
If you have been here before, we encourage you to return to the land of great Wine & Beer.
This is truly the land of Farm to table food and breathtaking rugged coastlines. So book your next trip to the home of some of our great historians, Luther Burbank, Jack London and of course, Snoopy!
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